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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Last Week of School

Alexia is very excited that this is the last week of school. Thursday is her last day and then she will be a first grader. She is very excited not to be the babies of the school anymore. (Although I don't think anyone would dare treat her like a baby or pick on her) She is confused about when she will officially be a first grader. I told her Friday because as of Thursday she is done with Kindergarten. But her friends mom said in August when they start kindergarten. That seems to have upset her because she does not want to wait until August.

She is excited that Jared gets here in 5 days. We have also had the two cats that we are babysitting come a couple of days ago. Picnic is the boy and Ramona is the girl. Alexia is in heaven. She can't wait to get home and play with them each day. The first two days Picnic was scared of her and Ramona wanted to play all the time. Now Ramona wants to hide and Picnic follows Alexia wherever she goes. She played follow the leader with him for an hour last night. She is also taking care of them and feeding them and cleaning the litter box so that she can earn the money for watching them. I told her is she takes really good care of them she can have the whole $200.00, but she would have to open a saving account and put the money in there. She seems OK with the idea of a saving account now (I am so excited because I have been trying to tell her to put her money in one for a year now and she cries every time I try to take her to open one. I think she thinks that she will never see the money again). Well that is our life. I am almost done reading The Host- I can't wait to see how it ends.

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