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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer is Quickly Approaching

Summer has come to fast this year. I feel like I am taking the ostrich approach to all summer plans, with the exception of Jared coming because I had to address babysitting issues for Lexi. I can't seem to get any other plans together. All of my coworkers want to know vacation plans- we have none. Family wants to know vacation plans- we have none. The wonderful lady that I teach primary with wants to know summer plans (when we will be out of town)- we have none. Hopefully people are catching on- we have no summer plans. Not that we won't at some point, but for now Brian and I can't get the same time off, so we have taken the approach of ignoring summer all together.

On another note, I am reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer and loving it. You can say that those are my summer plans, read lots of books. I have a large list that I want to get through but every time I finish a book I seem to add 2 more, so the list may never be done. Some of my sister have finished The Host, or so I hear, but none have said if they liked it or not. It is very different from her Twilight series. Alexia has also made a summer reading list and is participating in the summer reading program at the library. She is very excited. Their theme is Creepy Crawlers and they have several workshops around that theme that she will be trying to talk uncle Jared into taking her to. He may like the creepy crawling things, because mommy "sure doesn't".

P.S. I anybody has good book recommendations let me know! My favorite authors are Stephanie Meyer and Jodie Picoult (too give you an idea of what I have been reading lately).


JesaLu said...

You should read The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. We just read it for my book club at work and it was very good. It is a memoir about the author's childhood. Hard to believe someone can survive that kind of extreme childhood and grow up to be such a functional comtributing member of society.

Jasmine said...

I loved The Host, by the way. I haven't read any new books besides that one lately. Hope you enjoy teh ending...