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Thursday, June 12, 2008

We are OK

Many of you have voiced concern about the floods and so far we are OK. Dean's (my boss) Cedar Rapids office is completely under water. The Iowa City office sits about 2 blocks from the river just of the Burlington bridge. Right now that is the only bridge open that I could use to get to and from work, so Dean has told me to stay home if it appears that they may close it. Word is that authorities are worried about some of the bridges collapsing, so I will most likely stay away in the morning. Iowa City officials are encouraging people to stay away if they can because if they have to evacuate they want as few people there as possible. Certain areas of Iowa City have been evacuated about 3 blocks from downtown (our office). We are on the border of evacuation.

The Marriott has not had to evacuate yet, but news tonight indicates that water has broken through the railroad embankment, which is about 4 blocks south of the hotel. The water seems to be flowing away from the hotel in Coralville. The Coralville strip (the main road in Coralville) is starting to flood and they may have to close parts of that and 965. For those of you that may ask, 965 is the main road in and out of North Liberty. The water would have a long way to go up 965 before it would reach our house, so we are not in a watch area right now for evacuations. A lot of people in my ward are in evacuation areas in Coralville and Iowa City and may loose their possession and/or homes, please include them in your prayers (whomever you may pray to, we need all the help we can get). Also the lady that works in our Cedar Rapids office has evacuated her home and last word is that her entire street is under water.

Here is a link for the Iowa City newspaper and they have been one of the best updates sights if you want recent news They also have an update about the Marriott if you want to read that

Again, we are fine right now and I will probably be home tomorrow, unless I help in sandbag efforts, since I probably wont get into Iowa City. If anything changes I will try to call mom and Shirley to let both sides of the family know. We love all of you!

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JesaLu said...

We are glad you are doing okay. And we are glad Lexi is torturing uncle Jared. At least someone has the power to keep him awake during the day and make him tired enough to sleep at night.