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Alexia says:

Whoo Hoo Cowboys in Texas! not the football cowboys, the real ones

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Open House at School

We wen to to the Open House at school this week and wanted to share some of the highlights. Mrs. O'Leary said that Alexia is a joy on class. She also shares that when Alexia gets done with her work (which is usually before the most of the other kids) she tends to talk to other kids instead of working on something quietly. Brian did not go the Open House with us, so when we came home and shared that with him he asked Alexia why she talks in class. Her response: "That's my thing Dad!" (picture her saying that with A LOT OF SASS)

Alexia in the Toy closet at BASP
The Picture outside her classroomHer Mobile hanging above her deskAlexia sitting at her desk- she told me this is what she looks like in school everyday!Her clean desk! (She makes her mommy proud)The note welcoming us to Open HouseThe picture she drew of herself

We had such a good time at open house and she is doing great in school.