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Whoo Hoo Cowboys in Texas! not the football cowboys, the real ones

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer is Quickly Approaching

Summer has come to fast this year. I feel like I am taking the ostrich approach to all summer plans, with the exception of Jared coming because I had to address babysitting issues for Lexi. I can't seem to get any other plans together. All of my coworkers want to know vacation plans- we have none. Family wants to know vacation plans- we have none. The wonderful lady that I teach primary with wants to know summer plans (when we will be out of town)- we have none. Hopefully people are catching on- we have no summer plans. Not that we won't at some point, but for now Brian and I can't get the same time off, so we have taken the approach of ignoring summer all together.

On another note, I am reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer and loving it. You can say that those are my summer plans, read lots of books. I have a large list that I want to get through but every time I finish a book I seem to add 2 more, so the list may never be done. Some of my sister have finished The Host, or so I hear, but none have said if they liked it or not. It is very different from her Twilight series. Alexia has also made a summer reading list and is participating in the summer reading program at the library. She is very excited. Their theme is Creepy Crawlers and they have several workshops around that theme that she will be trying to talk uncle Jared into taking her to. He may like the creepy crawling things, because mommy "sure doesn't".

P.S. I anybody has good book recommendations let me know! My favorite authors are Stephanie Meyer and Jodie Picoult (too give you an idea of what I have been reading lately).

Sunday, May 18, 2008

What to say?

For once I am sitting here trying to think of updates in our lives and can't think of a single thing. As cute as Alexia is, she did not do anything in the past couple of days to update everyone on. She wants a cat, but I am saying no until I know that I will not be the one doing all the work to take care of it. Of course she asked daddy and he said yes, so now it is a real battle that mommy said no. But I told her I would think about it if she could keep her room, bathroom and toys picked up downstairs until next Saturday. It is day one and I have already had to remind her. My friend Kathleen thinks that I am being too hard on her about this, but I think that is because Kat works at a shelter and wants us to have a cat.

Other then that we have not had anything going on. I finally was able to sign Alexia up for swimming lessons and she starts the first Monday after school gets out. Unfortunately the classes are on Monday and Wednesday evening so will will miss a few of Brian's games, but he seems to think that we can make it to most since swimming ends at 6:45PM and unless they are playing the 6:00PM we should make it to most of the other games. Alexia and I seem to be a big part of the cheering section for the MeriOtters, yes that is right their mascot is an Otter, so it would be a shame if we missed to many games. And we really like to watch Brian play. Again this year he is one of the stars of the team. We will keep you posted on how they do this season.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Birthdays...And all the other Jazz

For everyone that has been asking, I had a good birthday/ mother's day. We took a nap and in my opinion you can't ask for a better time then that! Thank you to everyone that called and sent cards. For all those who are wondering, Alexia and Brian (more Brian the Lexi) got me an electric fire extinguisher, specifically one that can be used on a stove. For all of you that follow my blog you will remember that I set our stove on fire during the beginning of April when I was cooking what I thoughts was going to be the best meal ever for Brian. That's right, I had been so proud of myself that I was making my Chef husband dinner, that is until I had to ask him to come help me put out the fire. So he will never let me forget it!

We have not been up to much this week. Lexi is getting ready to be a 1st grader. This is exciting news! She has officially earned 20 certificates this year for being a good friend in class and a good helper. Her goal to cover our fridge before the year is over is done and she could not be prouder of herself. She shows them to everyone that comes to the house, including the pizza delivery driver.

We are also getting ready for Grandpa and Grandma Watson and Uncle Jared to come visit. Lexi is going to bed on time every night so that she will be able to fun things with them when they come. She has one other goal right now, to find something she can give Princess Aunt Jasmine for her graduation. It has to be something that a princess would get for graduating. Beware Jasmine! Lexi has come up with some pretty crazy ideas so far, but you are her princess aunt so we could not expect anything less.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Watson's are Back in Action

After what feels like a century fixing my computer it is finally up and running again. Thank you to my wonderful brother-in-laws, Rob and Daryn, who put up with my insane phone calls needing help.
I feel like a lot has happened since I last blogged. I have another church calling- I co-teach Alexia's class (which means I listen to a bunch a six year olds make a lot of noise for 2 hours) but I love being there with Lexi and spending more time with her. She loves to sing and is one of the loudest kids in primary, well when she is not playing with the boys. There is one little boy in her class who asked her to marry him last Sunday. Right in the middle of class as we were talking about how to be good friends J.C. announced that he and Lexi were best friends and that he would marry her to make sure they could be friends forever. Then he kissed her cheek. All very cute, but this mom is not ready for that yet.
Lexi has also started getting ready to be a first grader. She is very excited for summer because she can't wait to see grandpa and grandma Watson and uncle Jared. She has big plans to run you all ragged! Jared, you need to plan on lot of trips to swim at the rec center because Lexi may be big enough for the water slide this year! She is also loving to ride her bike and scooter, so we do that a lot too.
Brian and I are up to the same old stuff. Since it is wedding and graduation season I hardly see him. I feel like I have been working a lot lately too. Dean was heading out for vacation this week so it is always stressful to make sure that all the court documents and deadlines are done before he leaves, then we get a easy week while he is gone since most of the work is done. It will be nice. Maybe Brian and I can actually find some time together. 'Tis the Dream