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Monday, June 16, 2008

Floods Continued

I wanted to let everyone know that the Iowa River crested yesterday evening at 31.8. The expected crest had been 33.1, so it crested below what they thought. This is great news for the Iowa City and Coralville areas. Engineers expect that the Iowa River will take a lot longer then the Cedar River to fall, not going below flood stages of 19.2 until at least Friday, but the bulk of the worry about it continuing to rise seems to have left the community. I came into the downtown Iowa city area this morning to see if we could get to our office, and it seems to be that only the basement and about an inch on the main floor got flooded. Since we are on an upper floor we should be back to normal sooner then we all thought. Until then we are working out of Sarah's house or a nearby building.

The Marriott got very lucky and had minimal damage in the floods. They even still have 11 rooms occupied during all of this. Crazy I know.

In all of this commotion I forgot to put on the blog that Alexia lost her front tooth. She talks with a little bit of a lisp right now because she can't figure out how to prevent air from going through her front teeth. She has 3 more loose. The tooth fairy brought her 3 dollars (part because the tooth fairy felt bad that she did not know why mom and dad were so edgy and the tooth fairy knows she is saving for another Webkins). Alexi was very excited about all of this. Pictures coming soon, I promise.

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