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Whoo Hoo Cowboys in Texas! not the football cowboys, the real ones

Monday, February 9, 2009

Jump for the Heart

Hello Everyone. I know we have not updated our blog in a while, but life has been busy as always. Alexia wanted me to invite people to visit her donation web page for The American Heart Association Jump rope event. She is trying to raise $100.00 and you can check her out at
and check her progress. She loves jump roping and is excited about this event. If you want to donate but don't want to do it online, you can send her the money too. They are learning to count money in school so she wanted to ensure people that she will count your dollars and cents and give them to Ms. K.

She is so excited for this event and I am hoping that even if you don't have the means to donate right now you can at least ask her about it and encourage her to do a good job! You can always send her an email and I will show it to her. We love and appreciate all of you and I will update more about our lives soon.