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Whoo Hoo Cowboys in Texas! not the football cowboys, the real ones

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pigs, Pogo's and Panda's

Pig's, Pogo Stick, and Kung Fu Panda movie. That updates what we have been up to lately for all those who have bugging me to update the blog. On Saturday we took Jared to see Kung Fu Panda. This movie was a hit all around. Plenty for Jared and I to laugh at and parts that Alexia loved. Her favorite part was when the Panda was training with the master and they were fighting over a pot sticker with chopsticks. Jared loved the line "There's no charge for being awesome, or attractive" I liked that line also.

On Sunday Alexia jumped on her Pogo Stick and rode her bike. She loves her Pogo Stick. The record is still thirty something (we debate about the actual number because Alexia gives herself about 5 more then I counted). She also tried new bike tricks. Lets just say that they did not go well.

Last night we went to Kat and Chris's house and saw their pigs and horses. We all got to pet the baby piglet, which I have to say was so cute. Alexia was mad because the horses would not come close enough for us to feed the apples, so she ran off to play with the "hundreds" of cats that Kat and Chris have.


Jere Keys said...

Wait a second, I see dry land in those pictures. Craig, Callie, Bella and Sammy also loved Kung Fu Panda - I think their favorite parts were the belly bump and the word "Skadoosh!" They yelled "Skadoosh!" over and over again on the car ride home.

I'll probably be coming through your town in late July or early August as I move to Cincinnati. It would be really cool if I could spend a night at your place and hang out with Alexia. I'm not as awesome as uncle Jared, but I'm much more attractive.

Jayne said...

Jere- I don't know- Alexia seems to think that Uncle Jared is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I guess you would have to stay and show her that both of you are awesome. Just let me know when you are planning to be here.

Jenn S said...

Alexia cracks me up! She is great and works so hard outside! I am so happy you have a blog....glad you found ours so I would know you have one!