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Friday, May 9, 2008

The Watson's are Back in Action

After what feels like a century fixing my computer it is finally up and running again. Thank you to my wonderful brother-in-laws, Rob and Daryn, who put up with my insane phone calls needing help.
I feel like a lot has happened since I last blogged. I have another church calling- I co-teach Alexia's class (which means I listen to a bunch a six year olds make a lot of noise for 2 hours) but I love being there with Lexi and spending more time with her. She loves to sing and is one of the loudest kids in primary, well when she is not playing with the boys. There is one little boy in her class who asked her to marry him last Sunday. Right in the middle of class as we were talking about how to be good friends J.C. announced that he and Lexi were best friends and that he would marry her to make sure they could be friends forever. Then he kissed her cheek. All very cute, but this mom is not ready for that yet.
Lexi has also started getting ready to be a first grader. She is very excited for summer because she can't wait to see grandpa and grandma Watson and uncle Jared. She has big plans to run you all ragged! Jared, you need to plan on lot of trips to swim at the rec center because Lexi may be big enough for the water slide this year! She is also loving to ride her bike and scooter, so we do that a lot too.
Brian and I are up to the same old stuff. Since it is wedding and graduation season I hardly see him. I feel like I have been working a lot lately too. Dean was heading out for vacation this week so it is always stressful to make sure that all the court documents and deadlines are done before he leaves, then we get a easy week while he is gone since most of the work is done. It will be nice. Maybe Brian and I can actually find some time together. 'Tis the Dream

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Joanna said...

I am glad you finally got your computer fixed. I hope you had a great birthday and Mothers day. I look forward to hearing about all of Lexi's summer advertures.