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Sunday, May 18, 2008

What to say?

For once I am sitting here trying to think of updates in our lives and can't think of a single thing. As cute as Alexia is, she did not do anything in the past couple of days to update everyone on. She wants a cat, but I am saying no until I know that I will not be the one doing all the work to take care of it. Of course she asked daddy and he said yes, so now it is a real battle that mommy said no. But I told her I would think about it if she could keep her room, bathroom and toys picked up downstairs until next Saturday. It is day one and I have already had to remind her. My friend Kathleen thinks that I am being too hard on her about this, but I think that is because Kat works at a shelter and wants us to have a cat.

Other then that we have not had anything going on. I finally was able to sign Alexia up for swimming lessons and she starts the first Monday after school gets out. Unfortunately the classes are on Monday and Wednesday evening so will will miss a few of Brian's games, but he seems to think that we can make it to most since swimming ends at 6:45PM and unless they are playing the 6:00PM we should make it to most of the other games. Alexia and I seem to be a big part of the cheering section for the MeriOtters, yes that is right their mascot is an Otter, so it would be a shame if we missed to many games. And we really like to watch Brian play. Again this year he is one of the stars of the team. We will keep you posted on how they do this season.

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