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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Birthdays...And all the other Jazz

For everyone that has been asking, I had a good birthday/ mother's day. We took a nap and in my opinion you can't ask for a better time then that! Thank you to everyone that called and sent cards. For all those who are wondering, Alexia and Brian (more Brian the Lexi) got me an electric fire extinguisher, specifically one that can be used on a stove. For all of you that follow my blog you will remember that I set our stove on fire during the beginning of April when I was cooking what I thoughts was going to be the best meal ever for Brian. That's right, I had been so proud of myself that I was making my Chef husband dinner, that is until I had to ask him to come help me put out the fire. So he will never let me forget it!

We have not been up to much this week. Lexi is getting ready to be a 1st grader. This is exciting news! She has officially earned 20 certificates this year for being a good friend in class and a good helper. Her goal to cover our fridge before the year is over is done and she could not be prouder of herself. She shows them to everyone that comes to the house, including the pizza delivery driver.

We are also getting ready for Grandpa and Grandma Watson and Uncle Jared to come visit. Lexi is going to bed on time every night so that she will be able to fun things with them when they come. She has one other goal right now, to find something she can give Princess Aunt Jasmine for her graduation. It has to be something that a princess would get for graduating. Beware Jasmine! Lexi has come up with some pretty crazy ideas so far, but you are her princess aunt so we could not expect anything less.

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Jasmine said...

I will Love anything Lexi gives me.