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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Seeing Grandma

We are back from Omaha with Grandma Jody and it was a blast. We went to the zoo, Winter Quarters Visitors Center, and did some general sight seeing and shopping. The zoo was the big highlight for Alexia. I have to say that this is one of the best zoos that I have ever been to. The animals were very playful and energetic. Alexia's favorites were the polar bear who was doing backstrokes and showing off in the water and the gorilla who was racing the kids and banging on the glass. He was really fun because he would look at everyone with big innocent eyes, then he would start running along the glass and hit the window wherever a group of kids were sitting, scaring them. He also seemed to have a lot of fun when the kids would race him along the glass.

I personally liked the hummingbirds. They had several different species and they were some of the most beautiful colors you would ever see. Overall, I think all three of us had a favorite part of the zoo and loved how playful all the animals were. It seems that spring is in the air at he Omaha zoo and all the animals wanted to show off. Jeanne, you would appreciate that we were almost close enough to touch the elephants and Alexia wanted Grandma to buy one to take home to you. I had to explain to her that you can't take an elephant on an airplane, maybe next time.

We also went to the Winter Quarters Temple and Visitors Center. The temple was closed for maintenance, but it sits adjacent to the cemetery where some of our family ancestors may be buried. Mom took all kinds of pictures so she can figure out if anyone is buried there. I think that was the highlight of her trip. The temple was beautiful. It sits nestled in the valley of Omaha's biggest hill that we could see. We went through the tour at the visitors center and the Sister missionary that was talking to us was so good with Alexia. They played little games during the tour and she let Alexia pull a handcart, which Alexia has told me that she could pull all the way around the world if we wanted her too. She can be a silly girl.


Jere Keys said...

I believe Alexia could pull a cart all the way around the world, because girls can do anything they want to, even become President. But I'm not voting for Hillary.

Jeanne said...
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Jeanne said...

Man!, I really wanted a pet elephant. Next time I expect you to find a way to get it home to me! ;) But don't get me one that has huge tusks because I don't think I could handle those.

Joanna said...

I am glad you had so much fun with Grandma. Kaitlyn had a great time looking at all of Grandma's pictures. She really liked the polar bear and the pictures of Alexia and her horse.