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Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Eggs

We dyed our Easter eggs today. Lexi had her friend Kate over and the two girls had so much fun. After that they put stickers all over plastic eggs so the Easter bunny will have pretty eggs to fill (it was a fun idea I saw in a magazine and a hit with Lexi). Now we just have to put them out on Saturday night so the Easter bunny will put candy in them.

We also made dinner for daddy, but it did not turn out so well. We were making spinach artichoke dip and stuffed bell pepper. Everything was fine until we put the bread on the over, more specifically butter slices of french bread to put the dip on, and the oven caught fire. Brain had to put it out while Lexi and I opened windows. Everyone was OK, but we had tomato soup for dinner and neither Brian or I is sure why the oven caught on fire. What can I say, after 7 years I burnt dinner (and Brian was such a sport and offered to eat it anyway). The Spinach dip turn out good, so we were able to enjoy that with our soup.

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