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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Daddy's In, Mommy's Out...

First I have to say, yes chefs eat Wendy's. Brian often tells me that I would not want to continue with my job for another hour after I get home, so why should he?! Basically that means if I don't get home with enough time to make something on the days he feels that way, we eat Wendy's, Subway (I know, it's Blimpies for most of the family- but we only have Subway in the middle of nowhere) or pizza.

That being said, Brian has had the last three days off to stay home with Lexi and they have had a lot of fun. I have had a couple long days at work (a person can only deal with people who don't want to take responsibility for their actions for so long before they want to yell Grow Up at every client) and have come home not in the best of moods. Lexi finally told me tonight that she wished daddy was staying home with her tomorrow because he is "much more funner then you mom". Which is true this week. Brian and Lexi have played outside; soccer, frisbee, and baseball, have watched a movie together (which one, I don't know- it is a secret from mom which means that I probably would not approve), and Brian has helped Lexi learn to ride her scooter better. She did fall and hurt her knee, but daddy kissed it better.

I would say that daddy is the funner parent this week. I just hope that it does not rain too much tomorrow so we can go to the park. Lexi wants me to take pictures of her on the monkey bars so we can post them for all to see.

Now knowing all that and that Lexi loves Project Runway, I was just told that "daddy's in and that means mommy, your out" (she even tried to say it with Heidi's accent). So know you know. Beware, you may be out next! (but not grandma Jody because we are going to meet her in Omaha in a couple weeks and she can't be out until after that)

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