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Friday, May 1, 2009

We Have Not Fallen Off the Face of the Earth

Here is a rundown of the past couple weeks at the Watson household:

Easter was really fun. Alexia colored eggs and showed Daddy every single one. She was so proud of all her work.

After not feeling well for so many weeks, I have gone on a cleaning spree. I feel like I need to get all the spring cleaning done so I have been going through drawers, toys, clothes, ect. Alexia has been helping me get "all the dusty, cruddy corners" (as she likes to call them because she knows how much it bugs me). Having someone tell you how gross everything is while you clean really makes you feel like you haven't kept things very clean. After she finished a job she tells me that it's "Super Dooper Clean" (compared to my "Little Bit Super Dooper Clean). She even told me she "spit cleaned" her room. Yeah!

Brian and I have both been working a lot. He is back into graduation and wedding season. I am just happy that we both have full time work. I have put in some job applications around town. (If my boss is reading this, you know it's just that I am sick of working with "alleged criminals" everyday. It's nothing against you!) I am hesitant to leave Dean's office because who knows when or if more layoffs might happen but I have faith that the Lord will lead me in the right direction. If there is anyone in or around the Iowa City area who needs a good administrative assistant, call me!

I have started reading the book, Jesus the Christ. I am really excited to read this and so far I have only had to get the dictionary out once.

We have dandelions all over our yard, so this weekends project is to do some major yard work. We have had so many weekends of rain, it will be nice to have a sunny weekend to get things done.


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Jenn S said...

Sounds like you need to come over here and help "release" some of your energy! Our fans and blinds could use some serious help...dust dust dust!

Oh and we have tons of dandelions too. UGH!