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Whoo Hoo Cowboys in Texas! not the football cowboys, the real ones

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today is the Last Day I Am 6!

Alexia woke up this morning and ran into our bedroom yelling "Today is the last that that I will ever have to be 6!" I find that to be the cutest comment ever.
Sorry that I have not posted for a while, but here is the quick updates:
Halloween was fun. Alexia was a skunk and we are still trying to get rid of candy.

Brian got the Leader of the Quarter Award at work in November.

Alexia got a Gold Medal for being kind at School.

Alexia gave a short (3 sentence) talk in the Primary Program and did a great job for her first time talking in front of that many people.

We put up our Christmas tree.

We have most of our Christmas shopping done. Just daddy is left and Alexia is trying to figure out what she wants to get him.

Grandpa and Grandpa Watson got here today. We are very excited to see them.
And we took this cute picture for Christmas...

We will let you know how the Big Hannah Montana Birthday Bash goes on Friday. We can't wait!


Jere Keys said...

Did Alexia get my birthday card yet?

Joanna said...

We hope Alexia has a wonderful birthday. Sorry, I just mailed the card today so it will be a little late. Kaitlyn and Ben wish Alexia a very happy birhtday. Kaitlyn wishes she could be there for the fun Hannah Montana party.
Love, Joanna, Brandon, Kaitlyn and Ben