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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Seeing Santa

We decided to venture out to the mall yesterday to see Santa and I am sorry we did. Now don't jump to conclusions, it was not the crowd, it was not the parking lot, it was not the cold, snowy weather, nor was it the idea of waiting in a long line to see Santa that made me sorry. It was Santa himself. (Well the "helper Santa" at the mall) Take a look at our picture this year and you may see what I mean.

That's right folks, I think Santa is Under the Influence. Alexia was scared of Santa this year, which is a first for our outgoing, outspoken little angel. When she got off his lap and came over to tell me she was scared, I took her back over to Santa and he smelled that nauseating smell of alcohol. The young lady who was taking the photo was not having trouble getting kids to look at the camera, no it was Santa that she kept having to remind to look up at the camera. And did this "sweet" Santa ask the little kids what they wanted for Christmas, no he could barely form a sentence.

As we got our picture and left Santa Alexia was left wondering why was this a "messed up Santa". And why would the real Santa let him help.

So as a parent I am left to wonder, what do I tell my daughter about this "messed up Santa" as she referred to him yesterday? I reminded her what we tell her every year, this is just one of Santa's helpers because the real Santa is getting ready to bring presents. That only leaves Alexia to wonder why Santa would let a "messed up Santa" help. So as we quickly approach the last of the magical years before Alexia figures it all out, we are left to explain things that should not have to be explained to kids. Why are Santa's helpers grumpy people (because it was not just Santa that was unfriendly yesterday) who don't even ask you what you want?

And now I will get off my soapbox and wish you all a Merry Christmas. We hope the real Santa visits you this year.

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Robs said...

Thanks for telling me at your blog and talking to me about Santa today! What a big mistake for all of us! Hopefully the kids will forget about it soon!