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Monday, September 15, 2008

The Countdown Is On

Alexia wakes up every morning and tells me how many days until we go to Grandpa and Grandma Keys' house. She has plans...
#1- Show Jared that she can beat him at Bloom Blox
#2- Have a girls slumber party with Jasmine
#3- Pinch Jordan (I don't know why we have to pinch Jordan, but apparently we do)
#4- Teach Craig all about Kindergarten (sorry Jessi and Rob- you probably don't want any of her kindergarten reenactments, but she will show Craig how to be naughty anyway since she is the older cousin)
#5- Hold Baby Ben (and ask mommy yet again why she can't have a baby- yeah!)
#6- Teach Callie and Kaitlyn how to put on makeup- she is bringing her makeup (another thing I am sure the aunts and uncles don't want their kids to know)
... and many more "secret things that mommy can't know about." Let me just apologise to the whole family in advance. You are all in for some real shockers this coming week!

As for Brian, I am sure he will have a quiet, peaceful week without us around. Lucky Guy!

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