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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bad Mom

Alexia is not very happy that fall is here. I was taking her to school the other day and this is what our conversation sounded like:

Alexia "I don't like when you take me to school when its barely morning."
Me "Why is that?"
Alexia "I don't like that you get off work when it's dark sometimes."
Me- "I don't get off work when it's dark."
Alexia- "But last year, when I was just a kindergartner, you sometimes picked me up when it was darker outside. You know when it got cold and snowed, that part of last year."
Me- "That is because the season changes and there is not as much light during the day. I am at work and you are at school the same amount of time as you are now."
Alexia- "Please mom. Picking your kid up when it is darker is just being a bad mom. I already know that."
Me- "How do you know that?"
Alexia- "Because you just don't want me to tell dad your a bad mom. Soon you will pick me up when its almost night time. I am going to tell dad and he will spank your butt with a shoe!"

Kids growing up. Isn't it fun (and very depressing sometimes).


Jere Keys said...

Ha! She's on to you now. She knows you've been leaving her at school longer and longer. Just wait until daddy spanks you with a shoe.

Jenn S said...

Oh...bless her heart...and yours! You are NOT a bad mom. I hear that too sometimes! Also...who does the spanking with shoes around there...ha, ha!

Jacki said...

With a shoe, that could be kinky.