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Friday, July 2, 2010

Showing the House

Here is the link to OUR HOUSE

So we had our first "official" showing today. Our realtor said it went well. The couple was impressed with how well we have kept up on the cleanliness and overall maintenance. They are thinking of making an offer that would be contingent on their house selling. Overall it sounded optimistic.

Alexia is turning into her "clean freak mommy". She had the neighbor kids come over and play for a while and I could hear her in her room lecturing them that if mommy saw any toys on the floor she would be upset because "messes don't sell houses" (yes I used this line on her the other day- I can't believe myself sometimes) she did not let her friends get any toys out. I felt bad and told them that they could play with one bin of toys and then it would make clean up easier. She couldn't even enjoy playing because she was too worried about the mess. What have I done?! (Sadly I still enjoy how clean the house is right now and having Brian and Alexia helping keep it that way- I will admit I am probably totally screwing up as a mother)

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