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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkins and Pictures

Today we carved a pumpkin. Alexia did most of it by herself while mommy and daddy watched. She did a great job and it turned out so cute. I am amazed that last year she would not even help because it was "too gross" but this year she did nit want any help. Miss Independent. (I say she is growing up too fast)

She thought that it was slimy and "SO COOL" and "TOTALLY AWESOME". Her favorite part was taking out the pumpkin guts. She also liked using a sharp knife.

You can see the end result was BEAUTIFUL.

We also had pictures taken earlier today, which was an adventure. Alexia decided that she wanted her hair curled, so we spent an hour curling her hair while she jumped every ten seconds telling me not to burn her (which I have never done). Lets just say we will not be curling her hair again for a while.

We left for the pictures thinking that we would get there about ten minutes early, only to get there and find out that they were 45 minutes behind. Lets just say the out appointment was at noon and we were finally done at 1:55. In 6 year old land, that wait is "like forever" so she was not the happiest kid during the pictures. We did manage to make her smile long enough to get some cute pictures, so hopefully they will come back as cute as they looked on the computer. We finally got done and by the time we got home both Alexia and mommy needed a nap while daddy watched football.

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